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final quality check for engraved jewelry

After an order is placed online at, there are several stages the order has to go through before it arrives at our customer’s door.  I’ve blogged about our engraving department in the past but today I’d like to write about another department here at Sticky Jewelry, our Quality Check department.  Because we’re an online company and we ship our products to our customers, it’s important for us to get things right the first time.  That’s what our Quality Check department does, they ensure that everything in the order looks good before it’s shipped out.

final quality check departmentLet me explain: when new products arrive and we stock them in our warehouse, we do an initial quality check to ensure that our products look like they do in the photos on our website and that there are no blemishes or defects in the jewelry.  However, after being pulled from our warehouse put into an order bin, and engraved by our engraving department, the order is sent to our final quality check and packing department.  The employees in quality checking polish the jewelry, check the engraving for errors (whether created by human or machine), compare the order to the packing slip, and even check the gift message before packaging everything up securely for shipping.  In short, they double check everything.  Our quality checking department has done a terrific job, and they’re a big part of why we have received so many good reviews at Sticky Jewelry.
We’re not perfect and we still make mistakes, but it’s comforting to realize how many of those mistakes are caught by our quality check team before the order leaves our office.

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  1. Carolaust says: Reply

    I have a medical bracelet that has come apart. I want to know what to do. I have diabetes. The bracelet is one you can put into a computer Please let me know what I can do or if you can help me. thank you, carolaust

    1. Barry Torman says: Reply

      Hi. Thanks for contacting us. Our customer service team can assist you with the problem you’ve described. Please contact them at 727-823-9500 or via email at:

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