Wearing a Medical ID Part 1: The Basics of Medical ID’s

Over the past few years, medical alert jewelry has become a big part of what we do at StickyJ.  In that time, we’ve learned a lot about medical id design and style, but we’ve also learned a lot about the best practices for wearing a medical id.  Over the next couple of months, we’ll be publishing a series of blog posts and videos that address these best practices, as well as a lot of other issues that wearers of medical ID’s face.

At Sticky Jewelry, we believe that medical ID’s should be fashionable and fun to wear; but we also know medical ID’s need to be practical.  That is, they need to effectively alert emergency medical personnel in the case an emergency.  In this video, we address some of the most common questions that we hear from our customers and give a few tips for engraving on medical alert jewelry.

Please visit our medical alert jewelry page for more information on medical ID jewelry.

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