Wearing a Medical ID Part 2: Children with Autism

There’s a lot of confusion out there about who should wear a medical ID, when they should wear it, and how important it is for them to wear it.  In general, we recommend  that you wear a medical ID as often as possible if you take any sort of medication on a regular basis, or have a recurring medical condition.  We realize it can be a bit of a burden to have to wear a piece of jewelry 24/7; but medical id jewelry has come a long way in recent years and there is a much greater variety of quality ID’s to choose from.  There are now fun and stylish medical ID designs in the form of medical alert dog tags, necklaces, and medical id bracelets in leather, Velcro and a variety of other materials.

In this video, we dive a bit deeper into why it’s important for anyone with a recurring medical condition to wear medical alert jewelry and more specifically, why it is especially important for people with autism to wear a medical ID at all times.

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