Wearing a Medical ID Part 3: Child Safety

if lost child safety bracelet

ID bracelets aren’t just for people with a medical condition.  Children’s ID bracelets are a great and inexpensive way to have a little more peace of mind when your child is away from you, or when you go take your child to a large venue such as a public swimming pool or an amusement park.  At the very least, children’s ID bracelets are typically engraved with a parent’s name and contact phone number for emergency situations.  This way, even if the child doesn’t know what to do, someone can easily get in contact that child’s parent.

if lost call tag
We have also partnered with the Child Rescue Network  to create a great “If I’m Lost” plaque that is designed to help return a child to their parent as quickly as possible.  A portion of each “If I’m Lost” bracelet purchase is donated to the Child Rescue Network to help them better achieve their mission of protecting children.
Whether your child needs a medical alert bracelet or a standard ID bracelet, it’s important that your kid enjoys wearing the bracelet so that they’re not tempted to take it off.  Our kid’s ID bracelet plaques are compatible with more than 20 different interchangeable nylon, and leather bracelet straps.  The straps are also adjustable, so that your child won’t outgrow their bracelet too quickly.

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