Wearing a Medical ID Part 6: Drug Allergies

Previously on this blog, we discussed the importance of medical alert jewelry for people with severe allergies to things such as bee stings.  It’s even more vital for children who are allergic to specific foods, or anything else they might come into contact with when they’re at school and their parent isn’t readily standing by.  Today, I’d like to focus on another type of allergies that’s equally important to have engraved on a medical if you have them.  That is, allergies to drugs and medications.

For one reason or another, sometimes drug allergies are overlooked when it comes to medical ID’s.  However, it’s very important to have these allergies listed on your medical identification, as well as any medication you might be taking.  Please note: it’s important to note whether the drug listed on your medical ID is something you’re taking, or something you’re allergic to and should not be given.  We thought that it might mean more coming from a local paramedic, and he would be able to explain things as well.  So, please refer to the video below if you would like more information on wearing a medical ID if you have drug allergies.

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