What Are Some Lupus Symptoms?

may is lupus awareness month lupus symptoms


Do you find yourself constantly feeling run down with fatigue?  Are you feeling weak, in pain, experiencing depression or anxiety? – You may have Lupus.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease which mostly affects women, many of whom become diagnosed as young adults.

If you think you may have Lupus, here’s a list of some Lupus symptoms, what to do if you have these symptoms and then what to do if you are eventually diagnosed with Lupus.

With Lupus, a long list of potential symptoms come along with it. Because you have one or two or more of these symptoms, does not mean that you have Lupus.  It could be something else entirely that’s going on that could be caused by a virus, an infection, or another kind of disease.  It’s best to not jump to conclusions and panic, but rather to calmly and rationally schedule an appointment with your doctor and then to undergo the variety of laboratory tests necessary to assess whether or not you, in fact, have Lupus.

  1. Headaches

2. Fever

3. Extreme Exhaustion

4. Anemia

5. Pain in Your Muscles

6. Pain While Breathing

7. Anxiety

8. Depression

9. Red Rashes

10. Swollen Joints

11. Swelling of various body parts including feet, hands, around the eyes and legs.

12. Loss of Appetite

13. Nausea

*Lupus is rarer in Caucasian women, rather it’s found to be more prevalent with African, Native American, Hispanic women, and Asian women.

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If you get diagnosed with Lupus, it’s important to understand that there’s currently no known cure for Lupus.  Physicians provide steroid and anti-inflammatory medication to assist with the symptoms of the disease and there are pro-active self-care measures you can take to help ease the condition. Some of those measures include:

Eating regularly and following a healthy diet



Get Adequate Sleep Daily

Avoiding habits that are bad for you such as smoking and drinking alcohol

Tell Other’s You Have Lupus & What That Means

Wear a Medical Bracelet Engraved as a Lupus Alert Bracelet

lupus medical alert bracelet for women

Lupus Awareness Month is observed in May every year.  It’s important and helpful to raise awareness for this condition affecting many lives worldwide.  If you want to help, it’s effective to first educate yourself about this condition and then to research some potential Lupus charities to get involved with.


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  1. Indeed a great article! In my case, there were no symptoms of lupus, apart from the joint pain in my wrist which created a kind of discomfort. My doctor advised me for a blood test and it all started. I still remember the days of when I hardly could keep my eyes open and my joints would never support me and ache all the time. There was always a feeling of tiredness. All the basic functions were kind of big obstacles and tasks for me. I started my treatment in full swing and results were seen after a few months. Reading articles about your medical condition also boosts your confidence and helps you understand the required treatment, causes, symptoms, diagnosis for deeply. I read a lot of articles like https://www.everydayhealth.com/lupus/ from Everydayhealth in order to understand my illness. I would also recommend avoiding nerve-wracking situations if you can and giving very close consideration to your body. Pushing yourself too hard can lead to much more serious side effects.

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