What Should My Custom Diabetic Bracelet Say?

Choosing your Diabetic bracelet should be fun! You get to pick a piece of jewelry that will look amazing and can help keep you safe. Figuring out what to engrave on your bracelet shouldn’t be hard either.

Follow these 5 easy steps for the Best Diabetic Bracelet Engraving!

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Step 1:

Your condition – be as specific as you can. Think about how long you want it to take the medical responders to figure out how to help you.

Common Diabetic engravings and abbreviations include:

Diabetes  |  Diabetic  |  T1  |  T2  | T1 Diabetes  | T2 Diabetes  |   Diabetes Type I  |  Diabetes Type II

Step 2:

Your Name – First and Last. In order for first responders to get your medical records and let your ICE contacts know who they have. You may lose your purse or wallet, so having your name clearly engraved on a medical ID is a safe bet.

Step 3:

Insulin Situation: Are you insulin dependent or do you need an insulin pump? This is important information for first responders.

Add to the Diabetes condition:

Insulin Pump  | Ins.Dep | Insulin Dependent

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Step 4:

Medications or allergies: Any long-term medications are good to list (don’t worry about dosages). Listing severe food and drug allergies is crucial to avoid accidental drug administration.

Step 5:

Emergency contact information: Who do you want to be notified first if something were to happen to you? Emergency contacts aren’t just there for you, these contacts are helpful to nurses and doctors if you’re unconscious.

If there’s room add a second number or a doctor’s number.

  • ICE 727-123-5658
  • 727-125-5489

FOR kiddos with juvenile diabetes, add as many numbers that space allows

  • Mom 727-222-5869
  • Dad  727-111-8569
  • Dr. 504-888-5869

If you have Diabetes, the engraving on your diabetic bracelet should look a little like this:


  • Diabetes
  • Lori Smith
    insulin pump
    ICE 999-4848


  • Diabetes 1
    Barry Smith
    IDDM                 <– (Insulin Dependent Abbreviation)
    ICE 504-727-6565
    DR. 504-903-8541


  • Diabetic
  • Type II
  • Chris Smith
    DR. 727-454-0003


  • Diabetes
  • Alex Smith
  • No PCN
  • Meds- see card
  • ICE 504-542-6868



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