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Why Pregnant Women Should Wear Medical ID Jewelry

Why Pregnant Women Should Wear Medical ID Jewelry

1st Jun 2022

Why Pregnant Women Need a Medical ID

I must admit until someone recently called pregnancy medical IDs to my attention, I had never thought once about it. I’ve been pregnant twice, and I am an avid label reader and I am the GMO-and-food-additive-police. During pregnancy, I couldn’t even eat anything that wasn’t organic without freaking out.
But let’s just say that something happened during the early stages. Say, within the first six months of being pregnant (or before you’re 24 weeks pregnant) when you’re not “showing” yet. Let’s say I had passed out or gone unconscious (which actually almost happened to me on a plane flight-you should have seen the poor guy sitting next to me). EMT’s could easily start pumping drugs, hospitals could run radioactive scans, x-rays, infusions, who knows what! How could they have known that I was pregnant? They wouldn’t. This is a demographic that is often missed and not considered in regards to medical ID jewelry. Pregnant women that are not obviously pregnant should be wearing some sort of identification for the safety of their unborn child who can’t. Even if it doesn’t have a bright red medical symbol on it. I know many women don’t want to announce the pregnancy at such an early stage, but they should at least consider having the word “pregnant” engraved on the back of a typical necklace pendant or bracelet ID tag, as EMT’s do check all jewelry (not just jewelry with a medical symbol) for medical information. They should also wear it until they are, at the very least, 24 weeks pregnant. Not only because they aren’t obviously pregnant those first 24 weeks, but also because unborn babies are most susceptible to toxins and other harmful medications during those first few fragile months. So- moms, women, pregnant women, men who are shopping for these beautiful women, protect your growing gift with a medical alert bracelet!