Rubber Allergy Buttons for Fun Kids Allergy Bracelets

Rubber Allergy Buttons for Fun Kids Allergy Bracelets
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Price: $4.99
Item # ag1020c
Composition: Rubber
Features: latex free
Material: food grade silicone
Dimensions: 3/4 Inch
Thickness: 7.5mm
This button may help keep your child safe! You can select your childs allergy or medical condition from a number of button options. Each button attaches to a hypoallergenic rubber bracelet[ (AG1000, AG1001, AG1002, and AG1003)], which are available for purchase separately. Up to three other allergy buttons will fit the bracelet. To attach a button, stretch the bracelet where a hole is located and insert the back of the button through the widened hole. Bracelet options available on next page once you add item to cart.
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