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February Heart Disease Awareness Tips

February Heart Disease Awareness Tips

27th May 2022

heart disease awareness graphic

February is the romantic month of love and when we think of love, our minds tend to reach out and bring upon us associations with the color red. Red, the identifying color of love is also the color which is used to symbolize heart disease.

red ribbon charm bracelet

Heart disease or cardiovascular disease is a brutal killer and statistically speaking, since the inception of Heart Awareness month in the early sixties, when more than half of the deaths in the United States were caused by cardiovascular disease, its one of the worst to ever affect the human population. Though American heart month brings more awareness to this fatal disease, unfortunately, it still remains the leading cause of death worldwide. We at StickyJMedical, think it’s important that this disease have more light more closely shined upon it and have taken the time to put together a short list of five simple acts that you can do to prevent heart disease in yourself and to assist in informing your loved ones of what they too can do to help.

  1. Please put down the cigs – Cigarettes add no health benefit to anyone’s life. They cause you to inhale toxins into your body which wreak havoc on your lungs, heart and virtually every organ in a person.
  2. Work to lower the “bad cholesterol” in your body – A helpful way to do this is to eat healthy cholesterol foods mostly fruits and vegetables and to get in some sort of cardio exercise daily.
  3. Control Obesity – Get your weight under control. Excess fat in your body will lead to a load of health problems and will ultimately leave you with problems with your heart. Incorporate a well proportioned healthy diet filled with vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy fats.
  4. Control your BP – If need be, see your doctor about a medicine which can assist you to lower your blood pressure, but also focus on controlling your bp with a nutritious diet and effective exercises.
  5. Reduce Stress – Stress can lead to a great many health issues and can most certainly cause heart attacks and other fatal problems within the human body. To reduce stress, focus on doing activities which put you at ease. Surround yourself with healthy environments and persons who make you happy and ease your anxiousness and provide you with laughter. Take up hobbies which are low intensity plus help you to focus on your breathing, such as tai chi or yoga.

heart disease red ribbon charm bracelet

We hope you find great value in this short tip list we’ve provided and please be sure to check out our personalized medical alert beaded bracelet we have created specifically for persons with heart disease. Happy American Heart month.