Does My State Honor DNR Jewelry?

DNR Rules & Regulations

You have likely heard of a DNR, but what is it?

A do not resuscitate (DNR) order states that you do not want healthcare providers to perform CPR in case you go into cardiac arrest. CPR and advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) will be withheld if you have a valid written “DNR” order on you (Note: the written and physician signed order must be present). Some doctors won’t perform chest compressions but will provide advanced care such as mechanical ventilation.

DNR orders must come from a physician. If you’d like CPR to be withheld; you (or a health care power of attorney) need to talk to your doctor for a written order.

engraved DNR bracelets

Paramedics and EMT’s are usually allowed to follow a written DNR request, though each state has different rules, and there can be different municipalities within them. Many states have standardized legal forms for DNR orders. If you don’t have a form in that state, your wishes may not be honored.

StickyJ Medical ID is an authorized provider of DNR jewelry.

Persons requesting DNR jewelry should first complete a DNR Order Form, which must be signed by their physician.

State Rules

If you live in Virginia, the words “Virginia-Do Not Resuscitate” must be engraved on your medical alert jewelry.  You also need your namedoctors name and phone number, and the date the DNR form was issued.

wisconsin dnr bracelet

Once you’ve executed a DNR Order with your physician, you can place your order with us. You must send us a copy of the OOH DNR Order signed by your physician.

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  1. Marilyn Brown says: Reply

    I have a DNR bracelet from your company. There must be some nickel in it because I have a very uncomfortable rash at the site. I switched to the other hand and I have the same result.
    Do you have a 100% sterling silver bracelet?
    Marilyn Brown

  2. Barry says: Reply

    Hi, Marilyn. Thanks for contacting us. You chose a sterling bracelet for your DNR, and there is nickel content in every sterling silver bracelet. That’s why our recommended Do Not Resuscitate bracelet for Wisconsin residents is made of surgical stainless steel. We would be happy to provide you with one of those at no charge, if you’d like. Just call our customer service team any time from 8:30am to 5:30pm eastern time Monday through Friday.

  3. Karin Monson says: Reply

    Does Minnesota have a similar bracelet? I can’t find one anywhere online but would like information for my parents who are requesting these bracelets. Please contact me.

    1. stickyjadmin says: Reply

      Hi, Karin. Thanks for contacting us. To the best of our knowledge Minnesota does not offer a metal DNR bracelet that can serve as an alternative to a resident having to display their DNR order form to EMS personnel. However, we do offer a metal bracelet that’s engraved with ‘Do Not Resuscitate Order in Purse’ and another that says ‘Do Not Resuscitate Order in Wallet’. Until Minnesota changes its rule, the safest approach for your parents would be to wear one of those bracelets and then carry their DNR orders with them whenever they’re outside the home. You can find those bracelets here: Hope that helps. Best wishes, Barry

  4. Nicolette McColaugh says: Reply

    Hi, do you have one for my mom who lives in Florida? Thank you!

    1. Barry Torman says: Reply

      Hi, Nicolette. Yes we do offer a bracelet for residents of Florida. You can find more information at this link on our website:

  5. Kristin Caufield says: Reply

    Hello. How does this work going across state lines or travelling? If you have it set up for your home state, will that be honored? (Yes I travel a lot 🙂 ).

    1. stickyjadmin says: Reply

      Hi, Kristin. Thanks for contacting us. There are a few states that have reciprocal agreements on recognizing the other state’s DNR bracelet, but many states don’t. On the other hand, most states will recognize the paper Do Not Resuscitate order issued by your state and signed by your physician. The challenge is to have it visible in the event of a cardiac event. So, we’ve created a bracelet that refers EMT’s to look for your paper DNR order in your purse. You can see it here:

      Of course, you’ll have to be sure you carry your paper DNR order in your purse wherever you go, and there isn’t a 100% guarantee that other states will recognize even your paper DNR order. But, this approach probably offers you the highest likelihood of having your wishes honored.

      Hope this helps. Barry

  6. Fran Myers says: Reply

    I don’t understand what you want from Nebraska. What Advance Directive? It ‘s not on a standard Medical Power of Attorney or a Living will.

    1. stickyjadmin says: Reply

      Hi, Fran. Thanks for your question. Nebraska, as with most states, has an officially accepted Do Not Resuscitate form which you can retrieve from here:

      An individual who would like a DNR order can complete the form and ask his or her physician to sign it. At that point, the individual with the DNR would need to keep a copy of the signed DNR with them at all times when they are out in the community and hope that EMS personnel would be able to find it if a cardiac event should occur. Nebraska is one of a handful of states that does not accept a metal bracelet in lieu of the signed form. In many other states — Wisconsin, for example — an individual with a signed DNR order is able to order a state-approved DNR metal bracelet that they can wear whenever they are not at home (persons who are home bound typically just tape a copy of their DNR order to their refrigerator and that is sufficient). Nebraska’s legislature, to our knowledge, has not yet created a legislative rule that would allow for a state approved bracelet. So, we offer a metal bracelet that tells EMS that you have a DNR order and where to find it (e.g. purse or wallet). If you’re interested, you can order one of those bracelets here:

      At one time, persons with a DNR order were typically institutionalized or home bound, so DNR legislation didn’t have to contemplate persons with a DNR order being active in the community. But, times have changed, and oftentimes state legislators simply aren’t aware of the dilemma faced by those state residents who have a DNR but want to be ‘out and about’. In at least one state recently, it was just a handful of residents bringing the matter to state legislators that resulted in their being able to wear a state-approved DNR bracelet, which of course eliminates the time needed to search in a purse or wallet for the paper DNR order, and eliminates the need to always remember to bring it with you every time you go out.

      Does this help clarify the situation in Nebraska for you?

      Best wishes,

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