DNR Bracelets

StickyJ Medical is an authorized provider of Do Not Resuscitate and POLST bracelets and pendants. We provide an approved DNR bracelet provider that meets the requirements of each state in which we are authorized, and we can assist you with the process of ordering your Do Not Resuscitate bracelet once you’ve completed a Durable Do Not Resuscitate Order with your personal physician. For most states, a copy of your executed DDNR order needs to be provided to us prior to our engraving your bracelet or pendant.

Forms can be scanned and emailed to CustomerService@StickyJ.com, faxed to 727-490-5446, or sent by mail to: StickyJ Medical ID - DNR, 10801 Endeavour Way Unit B, Seminole FL 33777. Our customer service toll-free phone number is: at (866) 497-6265.

Since the specific engraving requirements vary by state, we’ve provided separate ordering forms for each state. Simply click on the link for your state to learn more. If you don’t see your state listed below, choose DNR Bracelets for All Other States. Or, if you need assistance, please call us. We'll be glad to help you.